Integrating EDFM and dual porosity method to simulate fluid flow in shale oil reservoir

Weirong Li, Zhenzhen Dong, Gang Lei

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Oil recovery factor from shale oil remains low, which is about five to seven percent of the oil in place. How to increase oil recovery from shale oil reservoir has attracted more and more attention. CO2 huff and puff was considered as one of best approach to improve oil rate. Most of previous simulation studies were based on dual porosity, while simulation results from dual porosity model were not as accurate as discrete fracture model in composition modeling. This study proposed a new model, which integrates embedded discrete fracture model (EDFM) and dual porosity dual permeability (DPDP) model. The new method developed could explicitly describe the large-scale fractures as flow conduits by EDFM and model the flow in small and medium length fractures by DPDP model. In this paper, we first introduced four different non-neighboring connections and the way to calculate transmissibility between different mediums in the new model. Then the paper compared performance among new method, DFM, DPDP and EDFM for production in oil reservoirs. After that, the paper carried out a series of simulations to analyze the effects of hydraulic fracture stages, hydraulic fracture permeability, and natural fracture permeability on the CO2 huff and puff process based on new method. In addition, inject cycle and soaking time were investigated to optimize CO2 huff and puff performance. This study is the first to apply integrated EDFM and DPDP model to simulate CO2 huff and puff process in shale oil reservoir with nature fractures. Besides, this paper provides detailed discussions and comparisons among integrated EDFM and DPDP, EDFM, DFN model and DPDP in the context of fracture simulation with compositional model. And most importantly, this study answers the question regarding how fractures affect CO2 huff and puff and how to optimize CO2 huff and puff process in a reservoir with nature fractures.

Original languageEnglish
StatePublished - 2017
Externally publishedYes
EventSPE/IATMI Asia Pacific Oil and Gas Conference and Exhibition 2017 - Jakarta, Indonesia
Duration: 17 Oct 201719 Oct 2017


ConferenceSPE/IATMI Asia Pacific Oil and Gas Conference and Exhibition 2017


  • CO2 Huff_n_Puff
  • DPDP
  • Embedded discrete fracture model (EDFM)
  • Natural Fractures
  • Shale oil


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