Education, Wadi ad-Dawasir

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organization profile

Vision: Excellence in preparing educational cadres, scientific research and community partnership at the local and regional levels.

Message : Qualifying distinguished educational cadres, producing scientific research, and strengthening community partnership through a stimulating environment, human and material resources, and a supportive administrative system to meet the needs of the labor market.

Core Values 1. Quality and excellence. 2. Team work. 3. Cooperation. 4. Justice and integrity. 5. Professionalism. 6. Transparency.

Strategic Goals 1- Achieving the quality of teaching and learning to qualify graduates to compete in the labor market. 2- Creating developed academic programs that comply with national and international standards of quality and accreditation. 3- Building bridges of communication and establishing partnerships with the local community and its institutions. 4- Achieving quality and excellence in scientific research. 5- Development of the administrative system that supports the educational process and the college’s financial resources.


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